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By Jess Sinclair       Fred Ljaljevic is all about efficiency. Trained as a petroleum engineer in his native Serbia, Ljaljevic worked for some of the Alberta oilsands’ major players before founding Wellsite Masters […]

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Technology: The Heat is On

Warm solvent vapour technology changes the rules…again. by Jess Sinclair Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) has done wonders for Canada’s heavy oil industry. The technology, conceived in the 1970s by Irving oil Engineer Dr. Roger […]

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Advanced Computational Simulations

The next frontier in oil and gas training By Jess Sinclair “Technological development is accelerating across the globe and the oil and gas industry is no exception.” So says Brad Reiser, President of Endeavor Technologies […]

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Legal Matters: Yangarra vs. Precision

At a recent CAODC-sponsored meeting, Brian Reid, litigation partner with Bennet Jones, described his involvement in a protracted legal case between his client, Precision Drilling, and Yangarra Resources over an alleged act of negligence by […]